• Why not?

    Today I wanted to ride my mountain bike. I also wanted to do the noon road group ride. What to do? Why not show up for the road group ride on the mountain bike. Haven't done this since the Fall of last year...so it would be interesting to see how long I would last. Also, throw in the fact that I have had no structured training in like 3+ weeks.

    Road group ride on the mountainbikeRolling to the start of the group ride on the HT with full knobby tire fun.

    Road group ride on the mountainbikeI dangled near the back for most of the ride. Needed to conserve as much energy as possible. Only managed to pull through once.

    Get it!

    I lasted....um.....about 40 minutes before a small rise in the road sent my legs into anerobic pain mode. Then I simply just spun home to lick the small wounds.

    Now it's off to Moab for the 24 Hours of Moab. Nope, I am not racing....just working the Ergon vendor booth and getting in a few light rides. More to come!