• VholdR: test run

    I received the VholdR camera over the weekend. Last night I mounted it up and headed out to give it a shake down on the singletrack just at the base of the foot hills. Everything went well....mounting was easy & turning it on and off was simple. Since it was a test run, there were some minor screw ups...mostly on my part. First, the angle I had the camera pointed while mounted on my helmet was aimed too low. Second, when I uploaded the file...then messed around with it in iMovie, I compressed it at a low quality. So, the super quality that the camera films at was cancelled out due to operator error. Oh well, I will get it nailed down sooner than later. I'll get to play around with it in a new environment this weekend. I am heading to the 24 Hours of Moab as a vendor in the expo. You can bet I will get in a few rides before work begins. One last thing, it would also help to have another rider in front of me. This would give the perception of speed and terrain steepness. Anyone want to volunteer?.....:-)

    Here is a link to that first video.

    Speaking of video, here is a 2009 Ergon run down from Richard and Martin at Interbike. Enjoy!