• Taking it to the next level

    The world of blogging is an amazing thing. It allows the door to be opened to events and experiences normally never seen or heard by most folks. This blog started as just text. It got the job done for a few months. Then I took it to the next step with the addition of the digital camera. Experiences became a bit more real to the online world in the form of mass quantities of photos. Now, I am taking is a step further by adding a small cam to the mix.

    Vholdr camera
    Say "Hallo" to the VholdR camera. It's little, lightweight, and can shoot up to 2 hours of high quality video footage on a single battery charge. Now, instead of having to ride and hold onto my digital camera in video mode.....I can now mount this to my bike or helmet to shed singletrack around CO. Little guy should arrive next week.

    Here is a sample from here in CO.