• 24 Hours of Moab: Saturday

    Parked and ready to ride in MoabWOW! I am not sure how to put this into perspective to those of you that were not able to experience the first day of the 24 hours of Moab. If you live in the USA, I am sure you have heard of the big storm front moving across the western half of the country. Well, it is sitting right over the eastern half of the state of Utah. The good: The skies are mostly clear. There is no rain....yet. And, the temps are warm. The bad: it is super windy! So windy that a lot of vendor and racer tents have been thrashed! I would guess that the wind is blowing at a sustained 30-35 mph. Then it is gusting to close to 50 mph! More than once I though we were going to loose the Ergon tent. To make things worse....since we are in the desert, the sand makes it like a winter blizzard. Racers and vendor folks are wearing ski goggles and face masks. After working the booth for 7 hours today, Sonya and myself packed up everything and went back to town. We are going to wait until tomorrow morning to try it again.

    In other news.....yesterday when we got to town we got in a sweet ride at Amasa Back (see park job picture above). Got plenty of good 'A-typical Moab riding footage on the helmet cam. I took a readers advice and tried mounting the camera on the side of the helmet.....it came out so-so. Still need to mess around a bit more to get the sweet-spot. Video footage to be posted soon!

    Again, you ask.....How windy was it? Check it!