• On tap: 12 Hours of Snowmass

    Easy spinRest and recovery has been the name of the game this week. Until later in the AM, I will have not have sat on a bike seat since I got off my bike at the Vapor Trail 125. It's been a good break and the body is starting to come around. Early in the week just about every muscle hurt on the body. That is a true testament to how hard the Vapor Trail is.

    Suunto CoreI stayed low today on my super easy spin...according to my new toy....the Suunto Core. Brrrrr, a little chilly also.

    So now it is time to look forward to the 12 Hours of Snowmass. NO, I am not racing solo. Since Ergon is a sponsor, I am mixing work and pleasure. Sonya and myself are going to tackle the Co-ed Duo race. Which, in my mind will be harder than racing solo. It hurts the body to TT a lap....then sit for 1 hr.....then TT another lap. Do that for 12 hours and the body will be begging for mercy. Event should be a good one with a certain person in attendance. Not to mention a sick course!

    After the 12 Hours of Snowmass the fun does not stop there! On the Tuesday after the race Sonya and myself are doing a 2 day out and back trip up and over to Winter Park. It's part Ergon product testing...and thrashing of the legs before we are both headed to Las Vegas for Interbike later in that week.

    Busy, busy, busy!