• Race Report: Eldora Escape XC

    Eldora Escape XCThe short of it is, I felt pretty good....but not as good as Sol Vista a few weeks ago.

    I had a good start and rode in the top 5 for the first 2 laps as a early opening lap crash split the field. I got through the crash and was able to catch up to the leaders. I rode with the leaders until they dropped me on the back side climb on lap 2. This climb took its toll on my legs. Being covered in rocks...the was nothing easy about it.

    On the 3rd lap I burped the front tire on a downhill containing some small rooty drop off. Just enough air came out (about 3-5 PSI) to have me nursing the front tire the remainder of the 3rd and final lap.

    On the later half of lap 3 and all of lap 4 I was caught by a few guys as I had to chill out pointing the bike down hill....as to try not to roll the tire off or dent the hell out of the rim.

    Eldora Escape XC
    My effort was good enough for 10th place. Things are looking good for the 5-O!