• Preparations are complete...GIVE'R!

    Leadville 100 reconMy preparations for the Leadville 100 are complete. Bike is clean and dialed...with a slight change. The Rotwild should serve me well come race day on Saturday.

    Coach has me coming in fresh and tapered. All I need to do is strictly follow the HR guidelines and the nutrition plan laid out. The early race effort will be easy...but the later hours will be cut-throat. Not sure who's wheel I will be on. Just have to be smart and follow the plan.

    Now, the weather just has to cooperate.....which it is looking a bit sketchy at this time. Might be a race covered in Gore-Tex....I hope not. 100 miles of cold rain will not be fun, but I do not mind it. Mentally and physically I have been through worse.

    I am rolling out Thursday around 8 AM so I can meet up with the guys from Bike Tech Racing for a cup of joe. Then it's time to set up camp until Sunday. This is most likely the last post until after the race...unless I can poach some wifi.