• Leadville 100: Made it!

    Rolled into Leadville today about 10:30 AM. The drive up was pretty chill....which is a good thing. First order of business for the day was to meet up with the guys from the Bike Tech Racing Team form Iowa to get in some catch up time. For those of you that don't know, these are the guys I left in Iowa when I moved out to Colorado back in October.

    '08 Leadville 100
    I swung into the local coffee joint and this is what greeted me at my table. Can Wiens make it 6? Who knows....time will tell. While I waited for the guys from Bike Tech Racing to arrive I had some coffee talk time with fixie freak Dave Nice. Good to catch up with Dave after his partial attempt at the CO Trail Race last week. And now he is here in town going to throw down 100 miles on his fixie.....FREAK!

    '08 Leadville 100As mentioned above, it was good to catch up with the old training crew. Good coffee and good training stories let me know that these guys are dialed for their 100 mile effort in a few days. Good luck guys and gals....and do the Ergon Army proud!

    Kamp Kerkove at the Leadville 100Kamp Kerkove for the 4 days I am here. I bet 90% of the folks staying here are in town for the race. Ahhh, home-sweet-home.

    '08 Leadville 100
    So, I am now at the campground typing up this blog post. No, there is no wifi, but they have a hard line to tap into. Good for me....as I can stay on top of my internet needs. I have the web...but the cell service is hit and miss. Almost depends on which way the wind is blowing. Speaking of the wind....it appears to be blowing in some crazy weather. Could it play a factor come Saturday? Stay tuned!

    Thursday night supper
    Time to fuel the engine!