• Eldora Escape xc course pre-ride

    MSC #7, Eldora Escape
    Welcome to Eldora Mountain Resort....located just west of the petite little mountain town of Nederland, CO. This weekend is stop number 8 in the Mountain States Cup Series. For both Sonya and myself this is a little opener event to keep the legs happy for next weeks Dakota 5-O. Goal here is just to have a good day on the bike and hope the effort yields a good result.

    MSC #8, Eldora Escape
    Hey, what do you know, it's a typical start to a MSC race. You get to climb your ass off on a resort service road. Mmmmmm, a delicious serving of pain. I'll take seconds please!

    MSC #7, Eldora Escape
    After the opening climb to string out the field you end up with some big ring action with some rolling double track.

    MSC #7, Eldora Escape
    Then you climb.....the total course elevation at once. The course goes up at a gradual grade on some rocky trail. After a good chunk of climbing it is a technical descent on some loose rocky trail.....which then turns into a little east coast rooty flavor.

    Course is in excellent shape. A little light rain might help a bit to tighten up some of the looser sandy sections. Other than that....look for the rider to do well tomorrow who is good at all aspects of mountain biking.