• Deep recovery

    Hapa sushi 2
    This is recovery....

    This week is pretty relaxing....hence the reason for the lack of updates. Been eating a lot of food and just trying to keep off the feet. For example, yesterday was spent hanging out in Boulder with Sonya....going to the Patagonia store where I ran into another super freak and his wife....gorging on sushi at Hapa....and getting quite a bit of Ergon work done. Speaking of Ergon....outdoor folks check this...and winter sports freaks check this! Back on topic...the body needs to rebuild from this last few months of racing and training, so all the non-bike activities is a welcome site!

    Riding is on the down-low the rest of the week. Only a few 30 minute spins and then some longer singletrack sessions on the weekend are all I have coming up this week. Later in the week, I will actually have the chance to get the Rotwild carbon road bike built up....CAN'T WAIT!!! Pictures should be coming on Thursday after I swap all the parts off the tried and true Cannondale Six-13.

    Next up on my list of events to do includes the MSC xc in Eldora, the Dakota 5-O in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Vapor Trail 125, and then the 12 Hours of Snowmass. Hard to believe that the season is already winding down....then it is time for long high alpine recon rides on the CO Trail until the snow comes again. Got to starting planning for next year ;-)

    Have to give a huge THANK YOU to Mateo Leyba at The Denver Post for THIS great picture...and THIS one as well! Note the guy riding with me in the photos. He camped next to me at the campground in Leadville. I got him rock'n the Team Green GP1's for the race. He said after the race, that they were amazing!