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    It's not called Vomit Hill. The label "vomit hill" is my own personal demon-thought for this little slice of heaven. Coach had me doing four 100% efforts for 2.5 minutes up this wall of pain.....recover for 3 minutes. My legs felt like poo. I felt like I was dragging a potato sack of bricks behind the bike....there was no snap in the meat sticks today. I may have felt like crap...but the power numbers were up. From the last time I did this effort/test numerous months ago.....todays numbers were up an average of 60-70 watts. Yet another testament to the power of Coach. Another training race coming up this weekend...its an XC. I'll be warmed up when the race ends. Yet another step towards the 5-O. Kill! Kill! Kill!

    FYI, check out the new issue of VeloNews. Lots of Team Topeak-Ergon love in the form of a Leadville 100 story and a nice 3-4 page piece on Irina.