• On tap.

    Wow, I can honestly say that the hike up and down Longs Peak has left me sorest I have been all year. A good kind of sore though. That kind of sore you get after hitting the weight room after a 9 month hiatus. Wednesday my quads and lower calves were the most tender. This AM, things are much, much, much better after raging on high antioxidant foods all day. Which I am glad for as I have a few things on tap over the next few weeks.

    First off, Coach has me doing a super easy 3 hour spin today with low effort on the pedals and low HR. Roads will be flat....temps will be hot. Temps in the Front Range for the last few weeks have been 90+ degrees. Temps are to get even warmer over the next few days.

    This weekend is another training race weekend. I am loading up the Ergon FJ with an Ergon rider in tow and heading to the Mountain States Cup race in Aspen/Snowmass. Another high intensity and high altitude effort for 30 miles. This xc race should fit in nicely with the up and coming season goals will all the big climbs on course. The opening climb should make for some good racing....roughly 2,000 ft of vertical right from the gun. Gasp!

    The following weekend will be tough. Saturday is the 68 mile race up in Breckenridge which is part of the Breckenridge 100. The focus on this race is a good result....but it is also a race to test pace and nutrition. The day after the race, I am staying up high and going to pre-ride the Leadville 100 course. I need to get a good read on that route and figure out what bike I want to ride. That could be a 10 hour day by the time it's said and done.

    Time to finish watching Le Tour....then get back in the saddle for todays 3 hr session.