• Hot and bothered

    An 8 hour training day only turned out to be 5.5 hours. At about the 4.5 hour mark, my legs had enough climbing. The effects of Saturdays effort are still lurking....especially when the tempo is turned up. The heat also played a factor. I had three large bottles on my persons during the ride at all times. During my time on the bike today I went though 11 bottles! That is a lot of stops to refill! My route was to ride up to the summit of Trail Ridge Rd in Rocky Mountain National Park. I made it into the park...and about 5 miles up the climb....then bagged it. I couldn't keep the fluids going in fast enough....and my legs where not overly happy to be in the situation I was putting them through.

    The flats.

    Some dirt...and dodging big ass gravel rocks.

    I was so thirsty today.A crap load of stops to refill bottles with liquids.

    Some descending on a low traffic Monday afternoon.

    Is this your horse?Then I though I was seeing things....but yep, there was a horse in the middle of the road. Is this your horse?

    Here is todays only coolness....and as an added bonus, your daily moment of zen.