• das Leadville 100 bike

    2009 Magura Durin SL
    The Topeak-Ergon team has access to some pretty cool....and fresh equipment. Our sponsors also let us test future to-be-released products. Enter the Magura Durin SL. Compared to the non-SL version.....it's much, much lighter. Holding the 2 different forks in each hand...and you can feel the weight difference. So, I installed this feather on my HT for my Leadville 100 pre-ride on Sunday.

    Rotwild HT for Leadville 100As of right now, this is the bike I plan to use for the Leadville 100. With all the climbing and fire roads....its the no-brainer option. This weekends pre-ride after the Breckenridge B-68 race will be a true test of this set up. I have another bike in the quiver that might see race day....but I am not sure yet.

    Weight of Rotwild HT for Leadville 100
    Weighing in just under 21 lbs....it's lethal...and the lightest bike I have ever raced. Wiens and myself might get access to some wheels from DT Swiss in a weeks time that might take another pound off the weight of the bike. That would be pretty sweet! Just have to sit back and wait for the official answer to come down the pipeline.

    2008 Topeak-Ergon TeamAlong with my care package from Germany was a print of our team photo that was taken back in April during the Offenburg World Cup. Yep, that is me putting out the vibe next to Irina.