• Weekend Leadville training camp

    Spent the 3 days training and camping up in Leadville this past weekend. Good people, good food, cool temps, and good trails made for an excellent weekend. I took numerous photos during those non-structured minutes within the rides.


    Leadville Training weekend
    Friday, Sonya and myself drove up to Twin Lakes just south of Leadville and scored a pretty good camp site. It was a good location as it was centrally located for the 2 bigger rides that were planned over the next few days. I had a short little interval session to get in on Friday, so after a quick set up of camp, I headed out on the road towards Independence Pass. An hour later...and dodging building thunderstorms.....I arrived back at camp.

    Leadville Training weekendFeeling good on the bike requires good food. There was no shortage of fresh and high quality eats all weekend. Good solid meals all weekend made for super happy legs.

    Leadville Training weekend
    Saturday AM started off on the right foot with some pancakes and excellent coffee. The plan for the day was to meet up with Sean from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and rage up to Searle Pass from Copper Mountain Ski Resort on the CO Trail.

    Leadville Training weekend
    While the food settled, Sonya and myself loaded up the Ergon BD2's will all the needed gear for a high alpine ride that would last 4 hours. For me, I had some HR zones to ride in for the day, so I found myself riding a head of the group. That was fine with the group, as we regrouped at the summit to take in the insane views.

    Leadville Training weekend
    With all the snow up high this past winter, the creeks and streams are still flowing pretty good. We had to cross like 5 of these sketchy planks.

    Leadville Training weekendIt doesn't really get much better than this. Pushing hard at 11, 000 ft at a 160 HR. The kind of interval I actually enjoy.

    Leadville Training weekendYep, you need to look around when you get up here. It's not something everybody gets to experience.

    Here is a 360 pano from Searle Pass.

    Leadville Training weekendAfter a short breather...some photos....and some nutritional intake.....it was time to bomb back down to Copper Mountain Ski Resort.

    Leadville Training weekendStill going down.

    Sean shows us his mountain bike Jedi skills. I can't do this...so I respect it.

    Searle Pass from Copper Mt on CO TrailGood chunk of climbing on Saturday. My HR was really suppressed. I took awhile to get it up to 160.....no matter how hard I went. The legs felt super strong....which made me excited for Sunday.

    Columbine Mine TT effortSunday, the only thing on tap was a 3 hour ride.....which included a TT effort up the Columbine Mine climb. Since I was here last weekend and took pictures....there are none from this ride. But, Sonya has some. I ended up going from the base of the climb to the summit in 1 hr 2 minutes. I am not sure the exact distance, maybe like 8 or 9 miles. I felt strong and consistent from top to bottom....YEAH! Since the Leadville 100 is only 2 weeks away, there were numerous folks out climbing the climb as well. It gave me some rabbits to chase.

    There are a ton of photos from the weekend here. Too many to post up on the blog.

    Now it's back to the training grind. One more tune up event this weekend. Heading up to Sol Vista for the Mountain States Cup to mix a bit of work and pleasure.