• Wednesday Worlds

    Lets put it this way, it wasn't even worth putting on the chamois. It actually took longer to get ready for the ride...than the actual ride itself. Yeah, it was that bad. The legs felt heavy on the bike, and I couldn't spin it out on the way over. And speaking of spinning....I had no turn over speed this evening. It went down like this...

    4:00 PM - Start getting dressed, air up tires, fill bottles, set up the SRM.

    4:20 PM - Out the door and spinning north to meet the group at 5 pm.

    4:30 PM - Rolling north of Timnath. It's windy, but not that bad....it's an Iowa thing. Legs are heavy and I try to spin it out.

    4:50 PM - Arrive at group ride meeting point. About 8 of us show up. Smell of beer rolling through the air from the nearby Bud plant.

    5:05 PM - Group rolls out north along I-25 frontage road. With the wind, we are single file right away.

    5:10 PM - I pull through on my 3rd pull. Legs are heavy and have nothing to the pedals. Legs are struggling, but breathing was pretty mellow.

    5:11 PM - I roll through the paceline to the back and decide to bag the ride, as my legs felt like crap and it would cause me to disrupt the flow the group had going.

    I finished out the ride with a super easy spin home. Thought for sure the legs would respond tonight. They felt good yesterday, and today doing the daily tasks around the house and town. Now, it's time to work on getting some fresh legs for the weekend and change up the rest of this weeks training plan.