• Wednesday Night Worlds: Attempt #3

    Yes, I say attempt, because until the day I have the power output to survive the entire 50 miles....it will only be an attempt. The ride wasn't that bad until a few guys got a little jumpy about 13 miles north of town. There were a few guys pulling through, but about 4 of us were pulling...then sitting in for a few pulls. By the time we turned to head west, there was 3 of us barely holding on...me included.

    Wednesday Night Worlds heading west
    We started rolling West. As soon as we got to the little jump in the road in the picture above, one guy attacked...and that was it. Three of us off the back....dangling off about 200 yards. The guy in the Peloton/Specialized jersey and myself stayed within contact but were loosing ground. We worked together for a few pulls. I pulled through....and then he never came. I looked back and he was 100 yds off my wheel. So I kept chasing. The gap got pretty big at one point...but I could always see the group. So, I just pinned it as hard as I could go to try to maintain the damage and/or make up some ground.

    Chasing. 6 or so guys in front of me...I can see them. I look back...and nothing. I settled into a good pace cruising along at 28-30 mph. I would be solo the rest of the way west and south back to Fort Collins. The thing was...I could always see the group. But, they never got closer. It was like group and myself were hitting the same speed. Oh well. It was a good solid effort tonight. My legs have felt the best they have doing these rides....with no focus on recovery heading in. Got to give thanks for a good group of guys that can drag you deep deep into the red.

    Here is the power file from the group ride.

    Tater, did you survive?

    Now it's time to look forward to the MSC race in Crested Butte on Saturday...and then a 6 hour high altitude session on Sunday in Breckenridge.