• My secret stash

    Light spinVery light 40 minute spin on this weekends race bike...on some short trails near the house. It's my secret stash of trail. Great for light spin and dialing in a recently cleaned bike.

    T-minus 5 days until the Growler.

    Here is something to chew on....
    Some of you that read this site may or may not know that I had a hand in the conception, running and promoting of Trans-Iowa for a few years. Yeah, it's that crazy ass 300 mile death march around Iowa on the bike of your choice. Well, I am chewing on the idea of bringing something like this to Colorado. Yes, it would be close to 300 miles. Yes, it would be self supported and sustained. Yes, there would be no entry fee. My idea.....Fort-Boat-Fort. Roughly a 300 mile route using singletrack, forest roads, county roads, and anything else that will set this event apart. Plan is to start in Fort Collins....ride and/or survive to Steamboat Springs.....and then back to Fort Collins. It would be a loop than runs north and south of Hwy 14. Some things stand in the way. The biggest....wilderness areas....which do not allow bikes. Have to respect that.

    So that is my idea. Will it happen? Who knows. But, it is a start.