• It's a dry heat.

    Spinning with TaterI had company today on my 3 hour zone 2/3 tempo ride. The man...the myth...the Iowa legend....they simply call him Tater. It was a good chill pace out and around the rolling roads by Carter Lake. Good loop to shake out the legs and to let Tater get a taste of the local flavor that the training grounds offer here in the Front Range.

    How about the heat today? Dang. It's not that bad...but it is sooooo dry. I was suck'n down bottles like crazy today. Three bottles for me....2 for my company. Temps are to hit 90+ pretty much all week. That is good, as this weekend in the MSC race in Crested Butte. They need the warm temps, as just this past weekend they spent the days shoveling and snow blowing the course clean. Should be good times....provided it is dry by Saturday AM. The race this weekend is a low priority training race. The training leading up to the race will have no focus on being super fresh. I am showing up to hurt a little bit....and I will.

    Views from Carter LakeI leave you with a view from Carter Lake today looking northeast towards Loveland and Fort Collins.