• Focus on the weakness

    Time to attach the number plate again. The next 2 weekends are training races. Basically show up....put the needle into the red....and see what results come from the effort. Tomorrow, I am heading up to Winter Park for the first race in the Winter Park Series. The series starts with a hill climb. Not my focus or strongest skill. Either way, it will be good to get thrown deep within the pain cave...or is it a trip on the pain train? I don't know. But, I do know that hovering near the red line at 10,000+ ft is going to be a trip.

    Winter Park hill climb race
    Here is the route and elevation for tomorrows race. My personal goal is sub 40 minutes. Heck, if I can go lower than that it will be an added bonus. Looking at past results...30-33 minutes seems to be the magical podium time in the Pro/Semi-Pro race.

    Rotwild HardtailI am opting to race the hardtail tomorrow. This past week during any down time, I have been cleaning up and building up the collection of team bikes. The only thing missing here in the 80mm Magura Durin...which is someplace between here and Germany at this time. I am not a weight-weenie when it comes to equipment, but I chose to try to keep this bike low on the lbs with my available parts. The FRM crankset, Terry carbon saddle, and Conti Race Kings 2.2 with Stan's has this bike heading in the right direction.

    The hill climb is not the only item on the training plate tomorrow. Following my hill climb race, I am heading out for 2 hr mtb session. Going to mix it up a bit with some dry trail, fire roads, and climbs. Can't forget the 5 hr warm-up to get ready to climb. Yeah know, warm up the engine. Going to need that. Just have to remember that it's all focus on the seasons bigger goals...those events I want to do well at.

    More to come Saturday night...