• Window of opportunity

    In the clear....for nowNot sure how long it is going to last today....but the rain/snow has stopped. I bolted out the door at roughly 10 AM to double up on my AM workout with all kinds of warm clothing....Craft base layer, long sleeve jersey, vest, bib shorts, leg warmers, Sidi shoe covers, Craft full finger gloves, Buff, and a rain cape in the back pocket juuuuuuuust incase. Originally had planned on also hitting up the STXC tonight...but not sure if that will happen due to wet conditions and the looming threat of more rain. Right now, the sun is peaking through. But, as I look farther west at the foothills it appears the 2nd helping of rain might be closer than I think. Oh well, have to balance around mother nature. I got the work I needed.

    2008 Death Ride website headerSpeaking of work. You want to get worked over? The third installment of the Guitar Ted Death Ride is going down in late July in IA. If you need a leisure gravel fix of 120+ miles...plan on attending. People do bleed. Really. Lovely & evil looking website header as well (wink, wink).