• Variables

    Mellow spinFinal shake down today before the course pre-ride tomorrow, and then race on Saturday. Legs felt pretty light today for a short 30 minute spin. Things appear to be right on track. Now, I just have to do what I physically can.

    I have decided to take the carbon fully bike to the event, leaving the HT at home. Plan on running the rear shock locked out. Racing on the hardtail with the FOX fork is too much of a risk. Figure I might as well control the elements that I can. Having the remote lockout on the Magura Durin should add to the overall efficiency of the ride. Wheels are full of Stan's. Bike has been completely ran through. Now it's just time to put the power into the pedals.

    Speaking of elements and variables, the weather might play a factor in the race. Not in the form of rain or snow. But, rather the warm temps. Forecast is calling for 80 degrees. Will most likely be the warmest temps most folks have seen around here. Hydration and high doses of electrolytes will need to be consumed at a high rate. My hydration will be done self-supported. Looks like I will be pulling bottles out of a cooler on course...unless someone wants to distribute bottles. Not really a huge deal...but it could be if riders are riding within a few seconds of each other.

    As for Sunday? Maybe 6 hrs on Old Flowers Rd if a lot of the snow melts...maybe. Or, a singletrack tour on Ginny, Horsetooth, and Blue Sky trails.

    Next update most likely to come on Saturday after the event.