• STXC swamp racing

    STXC weekly raceFinal New Belgium STXC race was last night. There was roughly 30 guys in the "A" race. I knew I would have my work cut out for me. I came into the event with 26 hours of hard training in the legs since last Thursday. I was there to add to the training pile and to mix up the intensity a bit.

    I started in the back of the pack to be the hunter....rather than the hunted. A lot of the local fast guys had the same thing on their minds. My race went OK...all things considered. A few mud hole made for an interesting lap by lap experience. By the 3rd lap, my bike was shifting like poo. It took 2 shifts to get the chain to actually jump up or down a cog. I spent the entire 30 minutes picking off what guys I could. I made up to Dusty, but couldn't reel him in within the 30 minute race.

    It was interesting to watch my HR. No matter how hard I went....it rarely went over 165. Plus, my breathing was pretty slow and controlled. I never once felt like I was going to blow chunks. I was in that all day pace. Hardest part is yet to come.....the all day bike cleaning marathon session. Ugh.

    2 more hard days left for a total of 7 more hours. Tonight is the Wed Night Worlds. I'll attempt to hang with the local Cat 1 and 2 roadies. And then Thursday in intervals up Poudre Canyon. Then 3 days of recovery as I spend time in the south Denver burbs for an Ergon sponsored event.