• Structure.

    L3 TempoHoly cow! Two days in a row of structured bike practice. Felt awesome to get back on the road bike after nearly a 15 day break. Nothing too crazy today for training. It was nothing but a simple 3 hour session with a 90 minute tempo interval thrown in. Legs are finally starting to come around after having that heavy feeling from all the inconsistent training.

    L3 TempoPretty chart today. The ride was pretty uneventful except for the headwind coming back into Fort Collins in the later half of the interval. Made it kind of difficult to find the sweet spot. Choosing a gear: it was either too easy or too hard. About 10 minutes after the interval while spinning back to the house, I ran over a foreign object in the bike lane to add another flat tire to the already growing list. Ugh.

    Speaking of flat tires, my Stan's project is now complete for my mnt bikes. I have a few mnt bike rides coming up to do some test runs to make sure the tires aren't going to roll off the rim. I plan on running this set up for the Front Range 50 next weekend. Also, I am praying that the new team equipment shows up from Germany soon. I want to run the hardtail for the 50 and there is to be a 80 mm Magura Durin, Conti Tires, and a sweet 2x9 FRM crankset coming.

    Right now, I am craving a 3 day dirt binge above the Fort Collins city limits. 7 hour days sound fun. Oh, to dream.