• Stimulate the system

    I am in the final days leading up to a 50 mile mountain bike marathon down in the 'burbs west of Denver this Saturday. This will be my first local race since moving here in October. It will be interesting going into a race not knowing the talent that lines up next to me. This race is broken into age groups...not racing category such as Pro, Semi-Pro, Expert, etc, etc. So, it will be a mixed bag. Right now, my age class is the largest with close to 60 racers already pre-registered.

    The course is pretty mellow with little climbing and buff trail. At least that is the chatter on the net. I am planning on running the Rotwild hardtail, but might have to axe that idea if my Magura Durin doesn't show up today or tomorrow from Germany. I could run the FOX fork that is currently on the bike....but it is on the verge of blowing up. So, I might have to opt for the carbon FS bike. Not a bad race bike...just the wrong tool for the task at hand. I have this gut feeling that after the 50 mile race effort....I am going to be ready for another 50. Kind of like how the 40 miles of Sea Otter went. Top end speed might be lacking...but the ability to maintain a high tempo for a looooong time seems to be where my body is at right now. Good for the up and coming 12 hour.

    So today, to stimulate the system Coach had me doing 3 minute 300 watt climbing intervals. Nothing too crazy. Just a little effort to warm up the threshold engine for the weekend. I chose Rist Canyon. It's been a a number of months since I have ridden up the canyon. Kind of forgot how much steeper it is than the Poudre.

    Thursday and Friday the prep will be finalized. And then on Saturday it time to kick off the 2008 racing season.

    Now it is time for some salmon, wild rice, and grilled zucchini. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.