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    Spinning the legs outToday was pretty much training to train. Over the past 10 days the training has been on the down-low and inconsistent due to work related travel. So Coach prescribed a 3 hour tempo in my Zone 2 heart rate. That puts me in about 140-150 beats per minute. Since the pace was mellow, I decided to explore a bit more behind Horsetooth Mountain Park.

    Spin behind Horsetooth Mnt. Park
    There is not a lot back here other than a few houses. The road which rides at the bottom of a small canyon is dirt and rolling.

    Spin behind Horsetooth Mnt. ParkI only rode about 6 miles down the road before I turned around to head back home. Not sure where the road might lead for sure. Maps have it dead ending at some point before it gets to Rist Canyon.

    Tomorrow I am getting back on the road bike for a wattage specific workout. Going to be interesting to see how me body responds to low saddle times over the past weeks. Tonight is the New Belgium STXC. It's a no-go for me. I need to get the legs back...and it doesn't fit into the plan this week.