• Light dirt application

    New dirt by the houseVery mellow spin on the dirt bike today...33 minutes to be exact. Did a little exploring around some of the gravel roads by the house. Wouldn't ya know it, there is a little Nature Preserve with some gravel and dirt trails that run around the small lake with in the preserve. Perfect for a light effort to spin the junk out of the legs from this weekends thrashings.

    Hello Mr. SnakeI
    I wasn't the only one hanging out and enjoying the warm 70 degree temps before the snow arrives tomorrow. Yes, I said snow. Going to be interesting to see if I can get in my 2-a-day in tomorrow...intervals in the AM and the New Belgium STXC in the PM.

    Giant strawberry
    What a way to top off an easy ride. A GIANT strawberry....actually a few GIANT strawberries. Only way it could have been better is with a coating of Nutella. But then again, the goal of achieving race weight would go down the drains in a severe hurry.

    Here comes the wind and clouds...