• Home Sweet Home

    It's good to back home in Colorado. A road trip that began on April 16th at Sea Otter....then Germany....then Tennessee came to an end today at about 10:30 AM when I arrived back in Fort Collins. I headed out from Tennessee yesterday at 4 AM and drove about 14 hours to Hays, Kansas where I crashed at a local hotel.

    Drive home from TNThis AM (Monday) I took off from Hays, KS at about 5 AM. With in about 1.5 hours into my journey to CO I soon found myself in a severe thunderstorm that was rolling east along I-70. The radio was going crazy with warnings and random weather updates. For about 20 minutes, I had to roll through this storm at about 30 mph due to heavy rain, 60 mph winds, quarter size hail, and insane lightening. A few times I was wondering if the hail was going to break the windshield in the car. Thank God no damage was done.

    Drive home from TNThe best view of the 19+ hour drive from TN happens to be when you are about 50 miles east of Denver. Views of the snow capped mountains are a sure sign of being close to home.

    Tomorrow I resume my work and training routine. The training focus now turns towards the Front Range 50.