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    Training in the rainKind of an erie feeling to the atmosphere today. Humid...which is very odd...for very dry Colorado. There was a chance of thunderstorms and rain...but not a super high risk. So, I headed out mid-morning to get in my intervals up Poudre Canyon so I could get back to the daily grind in the afternoon. I knew I had a good chance of getting wet. Sure enough, right as I entered the canyon it began to rain.

    Training in the rainThe higher I went the lower the clouds got and the harder it began to rain. Good thing it was a warm rain. Once again...a bit odd.

    Training in the rain
    Todays training plan had me doing 4 intervals up the canyon. I did 3 before hail....and then lightening had me turning around. The lightening was a bit too close for comfort....or at least it seemed close. The fourth interval was done going back down the canyon towards Fort Collins. Going back down wasn't as easy as you would think. By now, the wind and picked up and was blasting me in the face.

    Training in the rainI rolled back to Fort Collins feeling like I was pedaling in the shower. Good thing was, that the closer I got to town.....the less it rained. Once I dropped into town, the sun was starting to peek out, but there was some pretty crazy looking black clouds to the east and south. Huge thunderstorm clouds were building pretty high. I could see the tops through the breaks in the clouds.

    Training in the rain
    I managed to get back to the house on dry roads, but the damaged had been done in the canyon....white socks are now gray. But it looks like I missed all the excitement.

    Training in the rainWhile I was out riding high....tornadoes were rolling through the plains on the edge of town. The closest tornado to my house? About 5 miles away in Windsor. Check out the video!

    Training in the rainPretty good damage done just east of town. Looks like this is supposed to go on all day.