• Dirt, Sweat, & Gears: Single Speed USA

    DSG 12 Hour & SS USAToday is the freak show before the big show....also known as Singlespeed USA. The format is simple. You sign up....you race on a SS....and you compete in the 3 stages.

    DSG 12 Hour & SS USA
    Stage 1 was pretty simple. It was a 2 lap XC race on the DSG course. The catch....you had to drink a beer or root beer after lap 1 before you could continue on.

    DSG 12 Hour & SS USA
    The LaLonde Bros. lit up the field with some fast lap times and beer consuming skills.

    DSG 12 Hour & SS USA
    Others, such as Deejay Birtch, decided to ride fast and enjoy their 2nd lap beer.

    Stage 2 was a mass start uphill TT. It was mass chaos with roughly 30 riders digging deep to get to the top first. The first 10 to the top made it on to the final stage.

    DSG 12 Hour & SS USAStage 3, the final stage was a complete riot! Riders were beating each other down a la American Gladiator style for the best 2 out of 3.

    DSG 12 Hour & SS USA
    The icing on the cake is Nat Ross, Rebecca Rusch, and Yuri all dressed up and doing the play-by-play for the entire 3 stage event over the PA system. Yuri is in the blue leisure suit, while Nat is rocking out as the Mexican Wrestler....a.k.a. Nacho Libre. Priceless.

    DSG 12 Hour & SS USAHere is your final mens podium, including the top women finisher. Check out those belts!

    DSG 12 Hour & SS USATomorrow is the big finale with the 12 hour event. Things are interesting around here in the weather department. It's moving in....and is yet to hit the venue. It's not a matter of "if" but rather "when." I wonder if the Ergon tent will still be firmly planted in the ground when I return to the venue tomorrow in the early AM?

    If you have some more time, I have more pictures posted from today.