• Dirt Sweat and Gears: The 12 Hour race

    Once again, the 12 hour race did not disappoint. I said it last year and I will say it again...."If you did make it down here, you totally missed out." The wee hours of the morning were filled with moderate rain fall. The rain stopped about 1 hour before the event began leaving the course a muddy goo. The first 2-3 laps were pretty sloppy with racers thrashing bikes into pieces and wheels coming to a grinding hault with clay packing mud. After a few laps things firmed up and the sun came out. Here are some highlight photos from the day...

    Dirt Sweat Gears 12 HourYeah, it was that muddy.

    Dirt Sweat Gears 12 Hour
    Nat Ross and Josh Tostado chase Tinker on the opening lap.

    Dirt Sweat Gears 12 Hour
    Pua killing it.

    Dirt Sweat Gears 12 HourDeejay being a monkey?

    Dirt Sweat Gears 12 Hour
    Ernesto swings in for a pit stop.

    Dirt Sweat Gears 12 HourHands down the best picture of the weekend. Say hello to the Ergon Super Fan.

    Dirt Sweat Gears 12 HourPua pits on the fly.

    Dirt Sweat Gears 12 HourLee Unwin has the focus going on here.

    Dirt Sweat Gears 12 Hour
    Josh Tostado thrashing another lap as the medical helicopter takes off after a practice landing session at the venue.

    That is a wrap! Repeat after me...."I will attend DSG next year. I swear." This weekend is too damn fun. And for the record...I am racing solo 12 next year. Ergon has a firm hold on the southeast USA. I sold about 90% of the product...even though a lot of folks were already on grips.

    About another 80 photos are posted here from today. If you see yourself, feel free to steal the photos for whatever use you may need them for.

    Now, it is time to get some zzzz's for the 19 hour road trip back to CO.