• Arrival to the DSG 12 Hour

    Finally made it down to TN for the DSG 12 Hour around 11 AM. Hit up the hotel and then bolted out to the venue to get some efforts in on the course. Did a partial lap with Pua and then I continued on by myself punching it on all the short little power climbs. Then I headed out for another half lap with Dj Birtch at a recovery speed. I peeled off after the 1/2 lap as Dj was having to punch it to keep the SS he was riding moving forward.

    The course is in excellent shape right now. I say "right now" as the weatherman is talking thunderstorms tonight. The weather today is perfect for the thunderstorms: 80 degrees, windy, and a bit humid.

    The course here does not disappoint. It still ranks up there as one of my favorites. Lots of power climbs, fast descents, rocks, roots, and about 90% singletrack. What more could you want? It is good to ride here for me. It is a lot different than the wide open trails of the Front Range of CO. The course here in TN has a WI feel to it...and for me, fits the style of trail I raced on while living in the Midwest for 29 years.

    Tomorrow, the events get underway starting with the SS race. I am running the Ergon booth tomorrow and then on Saturday during the 12 hour race. I will get in some training when I can. This weekend is all about spreading the Ergon love in the South.

    Pictures and more updates to come tomorrow and Saturday.