• Saturday: step by step

    Up at 7 AM. No alarm needed. I am a morning person. Hello sun.

    Breakfast of which included: coffee, 3 eggs scrambled, 2 slices of turkey deli meat, 1 slice whole wheat bread with strawberry jam.


    Fill bottles with Cytomax. Air up tires. Install SRM computer head. Calibrate.

    Wait for it to warm to 45 F.

    More coffee.

    Out the door at 10 AM

    2.5 hours on the bike: 250w, 255w, and 260w intervals. All 30 minutes long.

    90 min endurance tempo

    I wore my Sidi mountain bike shoes on a road training ride. Blasphemy?

    More food.

    Tomorrow, steep climbing intervals. I think Pole Hill Rd. will be the ticket.

    The time has come. Spring is here. Time to install fresh tighty whities on the road bike drop bar. Fresh.