• Offenburg photo update

    Here are some photos from the last 2 days. Photo shooting is pretty much complete except for some video to be shot during the Elite men's and women's races on Sunday. As before....many, many photos are posted here...over 140 of them!

    DSCF0092More riding and training along the many miles of dirt paths that line the hills outside of Offenburg.

    Dirk, the team manager, prepares lunch for the team and our VIP guests.

    Wiens shows his Leadville 100 training diet of pastries.

    DSCF0113You win World's and this is how you roll.

    Thumbs up from the Women who stuck it to us today on the course pre-ride. You have no idea I tell you.....no idea.

    DSCF0162Team gathers in the early evening for a group photo shooting session.

    3 down arrows equals doom on the World Cup scene. Now, imagine 1500-2000 crazy super fans screaming and yelling at the bottom of this drop.

    Kim and Benny during the course preride.

    Dave on his 2nd pastry training session. It's all about the 2-a-days.

    DSCF0100How the Team rolls.

    Dave spins through a section of singletrack on the race course on the way back from the photoshoot.

    Tomorrow is the final day with the Elite races. Then, on Monday, I fly back to the States before heading off to TN for the Dirt, Sweat, and Gears 12 Hour race to set up the Ergon booth. Next update should be Tuesday AM....I hope.