• Wheels are full of Stan's

    Stan's solution
    Today was the day. Turing my wheels into tubeless via Stan's was really the only goal for the day other than staying on top on my many Ergon related e-mails. My previous attempts failed mostly because I tried to do it without the proper tools. Pretty much that one and only tool I needed was an air compressor to inflate the tires quickly to seat the bead of the tire.

    Air compressorEnter the air compressor. Little. Blue. Perfect. A trip to Home Depot and $75 out of my pocket nets me this perfect little air compressor to inflate tubeless and also to shoot air clean the bikes. For $75 I will either get my dollars worth out of it....or it will crap out in 2 weeks and I will return it. Only time will tell.

    Also went looking for a Pipe Reemer to widen the air valve hole in the rim...as per Stan's instructions. I looked in Home Depot and ACE Hardware. Both places, when I asked for it, looked at me like I just asked to buy crack or something. Neither of them had it...or knew what it was. So, I ended up buying a small circular file for like $5. It'll do the same thing...but require a bit more effort.

    1 wheel full of Stan'sMy test wheel is done. It only took about 15 minutes from start to finish. Now, to see if it holds air over night. So far, it's not spewing white goo....so I think I am good to go. After I get back from Germany with my race tires, I'll start mounting up the rest of my wheels....and riding them. For Sea Otter I am still going to run tubes. I am not going to try anything new 3 days before I box up the bike for a plane trip to Cali. Plus, the course is pretty tame.

    FYI, the New Belgium STXC flyer has been released. This is your ticket to pain and suffering.....in a good way.