• More time on the 29

    I am not really sure what I think of the whole 29er thing yet. I have had a total of 2 rides with about 6 hours of saddle time to make some personal comments and assumptions. Granted this 6 hours isn't enough time to really make a solid decision, but it is giving me an idea.

    Sunday was about 3 hours of bike time. Most of the saddle time was soft gravel into a nasty headwind with Saul. For some reason, the bike just seems to drag. It did the other day in dry conditions...and it did today. All the comments you hear from people...."29ers roll better!"...was making me wonder as on every hill I coasted down against Saul on his 26er ended with me going down in a firey ball. Everytime, it was like the brakes were gradually being put on. I am not sure what to think...Slow tires?...Heavy bike?...29ers don't roll like butter? Who knows.

    About the only thing that I can say is night &day different from my 26er is the fact that the 29er rolls over roots, rocks, holes, etc, on the road/trail with ease. No question about it!

    So, sometime here soon, I hope to go out for a brisk 50 miles of gravel to give it a brief beat down. Attacks, efforts, and sprints. This should give me a good idea of the Cannondale F29 real capabilities.

    I am still not sold.............[dramatic pause]......................yet.

    I wonder what the The_Smackdown is doing right now....