• Jackasses on Gravel

    Had about 8 of us show up for some full moon gravel grinding...aka...Jackass: the ride. The plan was to head south to Traer, then loop around back to Waterloo. Well, we ran out of time, and only made it to within about 8 miles of Traer before the all voted to get back home and eat. Below are some pretty crazy pictures of a night ride that needed no lights. That's right! Almost 95% of the ride was done under the light given off by the full moon. Enjoy!

    Saul, Craig, and Blue discuss light sources.

    Saul said he felt like have a Ned moment this evening by dressing the part.

    Is this the Cannondale catalog photoshoot?

    Headed south of Cedar Falls to meet up with the Waterloo guys near the entrance to the gravel.

    They were not kidding when they said there would be a full moon.

    Sun setting in the West.

    Fry, Buchanandale, and Blue grind a long.

    Fry decided to try out a recently picked bean field insearch of a smoother ride.

    Not much light left.

    Saul takes it all in.

    Adamson says his good byes as he leaves us to head back home.

    The rest of us continue on. What is Saul doing here....
    A. Talking to himself.
    B. Breathing hard.
    C. In the early stages of blowing chunks.
    D. None of the above.

    Father and Son.

    All is quiet on this farm.

    5 or so miles North of Traer we regrouped and decided to head back home.

    Nice sun...err...moon!

    Fry throws on the leg warmers...and does alittle dance.
    Temps when we started to head home were hovering around 50 degrees.

    Bike down!

    We (refering to Buchanandale, Blue, Saul, and myself) slow-pokes take in the view of Waterloo from the south. Fry, Doug, and Craig busted ass back to town...something about the Juice Bar having 2 for 1.

    That's a wrap!