• Enthusiastic Eyewear.

    It's been awhile since I have done any type of review of products that I use through racing and training. Since my season is over, and there are no more race reports and/or daily training rides, I figured I'd take the time to "tell it how I see it" with Tifosi Eyewear.

    Tifosi has been with the Cateye Enduro Team since day one. I am not sure, but I think 4 years ago when Sloane and myself started wearing the optics, it was one of their first years on the market. Infact, the day I received the e-mail saying that the team would be wearing Tifosi Optics, I was shocked...mostly cause I had never heard of them...or their product. Well, since that day, I have been a huge supporter of the products.

    The number one thing that draws me to Tifosi is the "bang for the buck" approach. Tifosi makes a bulletproof product that wears well on your face for chump change compaired to other sunglasses manufac., on the market. Why spend $200 for glasses, when you can get the same features for $60 or less? I have worn 2 other brands that dominate the cycling industry before I was supported by Tifosi. I can honestly say that there is no different in fit, style, or function. Only pricepoint.

    Tifosi pretty much offers a full line of just about anything to cover your eyes. Interchangeables from as much as $60 to single lens shades down to the happy price point of $30. Pretty much every optic in the Tifosi line offers adjutable nose and temple pieces, and a remarkably tough frame. I can vow for the toughness of the frames and lenses, as I have thrown my glasses during races to pit crew members. I have also had a pair of my Q's fall out of my helmet while cruising down the road at 20 mph. Everytime, the optics come out in tip-top form.

    Did I mention the warranty? Heck yes! Lifetime limited warranty is available, just send them back with $10...and Bingo! You can check out the warranty details here.

    Below are the Tifosi's that I own. All of the models below have seen tons of time on and off the bike.

    BACKLASH: The Backlash offers one of my favorite fits out of the entire model line. The weight of the optics is light, and the Glare Guard built into the lenses helps a ton when going in and out of light while riding singletrack.

    QUAM 1.5: This is a smaller profile fit on my face. They fit well, but not my first choice for my medium to large head. Tifosi rates these for small to medium faces. 4 sets of lenses make these a steal at your local dealer. One noteable highlight is the anti-fog feature due to increased airflow.

    Q2: These are all about style and attitude! Don't forget they function great. These are a great optic for me. After the 6 hour point I develope pressure points above my ears, which is my only gripe for such a sweet set of shades. I suggest trying on any sunglass before purchase, cause just like saddles, and clothing...IT ALL FITS DIFFERENT FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!!

    Q3 FOTOTEC: Same fit as the Q2's, but with the added Fototec feature. What does this mean? Well, the lenses change shade based on UV conditions. More sun light? Darker they get. Less sun light? The lens tint drops. You can see how it works here. These are tops on my list!!!

    FORZA: Another personal fav! Lightweight and an awesome fit draw me to these. The Forza also has a lens that wraps around the face...similar to this...but a lot less money! These call my name when the conditions get bad.

    So there you have it. Two thumbs up from this guy for Tifosi Optics. As I mentioned before, get out there and scope out the many options that await you for sports optics. I am not going to sit here and preach to you to go out and buy, buy, buy only Tifosi. Go out....try on a bunch of different brands and styles.....you'll know based on fit which is the right choice for you. For me, it IS Tifosi.