• Warning: Adult Content...

    More gravel grinding goodness on Tuesday. Had a good group of riders for the grind up to Camp to turn a night lap on the singletrack, and then grind back home. Below is the pictures that survived the trip. Warning: Adult Content....

    "Um guys, I think we go this way."

    Part of the clan.

    Rob said that we all needed to fear his "guns." I say we need to fear the neon on that jersey.

    Heading East before we make our left turn to head to the primo local singletrack located 6 miles north of where this pic was taken.

    Fry and Dean. What the hell's so funny?

    Once at Camp we checked in, and some of lesser prep'd riders headed back to Waterloo.

    Saul wasted no time in dismounting off the front of his bike on the first downhill.

    One of the flatter-tamer sections were I could ride one handed and try to shoot a picture.

    The "elder" riders of the group requested a potty break. Geez.

    A little night singletrack love'n.

    The group checks out for the ride home.

    Riding at night, and you get an idea of how much gravel is coming off the tires from the riders in front of you.

    Saul and Fry put out the vibe.

    Buchanandale, Saul, and Dean chill out for a second while we wait for Fry to catch Engstrom.

    The moon?

    Don't forget about Friday night...who's in? Anyone? Huh?