• Pimping & Sponsors.

    The great Mr. Dicky has an excellent post going on over at his blog. It's in regards to "selling" sponsor products. There are a lot of athletes who will talk and brag about a sponsor product because they are paid or contracted to. For everyone's FYI....I am not that guy. I am very lucky to have full product support to help me compete in events all over the USA. I have even had a hand in some product development. Not many people get this chance and I am very, very lucky. The fact that I can hand pick my product for the upcoming season is a blessing.

    I firmly believe in talking the truth on a product. Why lie? Eventually, it will come back to hurt the reputation of myself and the sponsor. It's a lose-lose situation. So, while I pimp products on this site and online forums, you can take to heart that I approve and recommend a certain product.

    2006 season is done for me. Time to rest and plan the off season. So lets see what happens in 2007.....