• First Look: CatEye Double and Triple Shot Pro

    New for the 2007 riding/racing season are the latest offering from CatEye...the Double and Triple Shot Pro. These are the upgraded version of the regular Double and Triple Shot released last year. The biggest difference? The addition of a Li-Ion battery. With this new battery and some minor modifications the new "Pro" lights produce a brighter and crisper beam. Visually, the new lights look just like the old lights, but with the addition of a black paint job versus the previous silver.

    One of the upgraded features is the addition of a battery power indicator built into the switch. At full battery power the light is green. When the battery starts to get low it goes to orange. Then finally, when the battery should be replaced ASAP it goes to red. This is very handy, as there is now no more guessing battery life.

    The smaller batteries are one of the highlights of the new "Pro's." The Triple Shot pro battery is 3.5 inches wide....

    ....and about 2 inches thick. This is a perfect size for fitting under the top tube of the bike and/or throwing in a jersey pocket. Run time for the Triple Shot Pro is around 3 hours in High and about 5 Hours on Low.

    The battery for the Double Shot Pro is 3.5 inches long....

    ...and about 1 inch thick! It's about the size of a pager or flip-phone. Run time with this battery up to 4 hours.

    The Double Shot Pro battery comes with a clip for secure storage in a jersey pocket. Bonus!

    My first thoughts....
    So far so good. I have used these for three 24 hour races, and have had no problems. Almost 90% of the time I run these lights on the Low setting to get max run time. Infact, the low setting on these lights is the same brightness as the current Double and Triple Shot. What I have been doing is running just the Double Shot Pro with the larger Triple Shot Pro battery. With this combo and the low setting I have been able to make it over 7 hours on one battery. This is one of my only suggestions to CatEye...to make one battery for both lights. There reasoning for not doing this is they are trying to make a lighter weight light system.

    That is all for now. I am going to try to get some beam shots up soon. If you have questions, please post a comment.