• Back on the Bike.

    8 days to be exact I have been chamois free. Last time I was in full gear was at 3:30 AM in the wee hours of the Iowa 24 Hour. Tuesday was the first time that I actually put on cycling clothes...and did a non-junk mile ride. Felt good after about 2 hours of riding. Keep in mind the entire ride was 3+ hours with intention of participating in the Tuesday night road group ride. Well, I was the group ride. Not sure where everyone was at. So, I did my own thing. I shared Look Out Park Hill with the UNI womens XC team for a few hill repeats. Then I blew out all the carbon build up in the legs with some tempo laps at 25mph through GW State Park. Finally, getting things back in gear. Now, I just need to figure out some end of the year events.

    In non bike news....
    So, I guess this Skype thing is the new wave of internet phone conversation. I must live in a hole or something, cause it's sweeping the bike industry...and the rest of the world. Seems that is how people are getting the word around. Who knew? Now all I need is a headset. Check it out!