• 24 Hrs of Mud?

    So, I am going to test mind, body, and equipment. With the season winding down and having a great 24 hour event 2 hours from my front door step, I have decided to give'r another go. This weekend is Iowa's 4th Annual 24 Hour Race. Located just to the west of Ames, IA, this course is a good kick in the junk! The course is right under 7 miles. The best part....it's ALL tight singletrack. What makes this one of the tougher 24 hour courses is all the short and steep climbing. There really is nothing sustained like at Afton, but rather a lot of 10-20 foot steep grade pitches that really do a number on your arms, legs, and lower back.

    Recovery this week has went well about expectations. My total bike time after today will be right at 6 hours for the week. Yesterday, I went out on the road with Buchanandale for 2 hours and my legs felt amazing! I was light on the pedals and the leg speed was there. I have a feeling that the first 6 hours of the Iowa 24 will be the most painful. My body is going to be saying...."Oh no, not again. We just did this last weekend." I am sure at that point the body will do everything in its power to shut down. I am hoping that my body will adapt and head in the right direction for a successful event.

    The weather once again looks to be the "thorn in my side." The weather leading up to the event has been grand, but the forecast is calling for rain and/or thunderstorms. If it rains a lot at this venue you better hope you have some sweet ass mud tires. If not....well.....you better be a damn good hiker.

    I don't want to have to go through this for 24 hours. If it rains...it WILL be this bad!

    It's GO time! The question is now...."Do I put mud tires on now....or wait till mid event when we see if the rain comes or not?"

    Can't forget the Squirrel bait. And, I have found the theme song for Squirrel for the 24 hour race. CLICK HERE then click on the song BEER on the right side of the page. It's a good one!