• 2007.

    Starting to think about it already. I am obsessive compulsive. I know. Things are starting to move forward already....minor...but still moving forward. I would think a lot of this years kick arse sponsors would be back....but then again....it's their money and budget, and they have to use it for the betterment of the company. We'll just have to see. November things will really start to kick into gear.

    I know for one thing, I will go in search of a financial sponsor for the Cateye Team in 2007. Why? Cause the team needs to get to bigger events! There are options out there, but I am going to do tons of reasearch to see who could benefit from sending 2 endurance racers all over the USA to race for 12 and 24 straight hours in front of 100's of other racers and pit crews. Anyone have any suggestions? Car manufactuer? Financial institution? Donald Trump? How about Oprah? OK, not Oprah.

    Let me see what I can work up.