• What's next...

    The 24 Hours of Afton outside of Minneapolis, MN is what is next. Traveling is getting to stupid expensive, so the logical choice is to hit up the event that is 3 hours away. Thought about doing the Iowa 24, but I have done that event twice, and as an enduro racers you can only race a course so many times. I think the last time I was to Afton was in '03, so it has been awhile.

    Since a few days ago was the 24-9, I am in another time of chill'n. Kind'a taken another mid-season refresher. I only rode for like 18 hours during 24-9, and I feel good today. Nothing hurts at all on my body. It makes me wonder what I could have done in the results if my legs would have decided to work they way they were supposed to. Oh, well. Time to start prep'n for other events through out the year. Landahl 24 is still up in the air due to the fee.

    Also, I see that 24 Hour Nationals is heading back to WI for 2007. Dang! The curse of 9 Mile I tell you. I have now raced at 9 Mile 4 times...only having a good result the first time I raced there. Maybe the 5th time will be a charm?

    Here are a few more pics from 24-9...

    Still feel'n good, as the guys from Twin-Six snap a pic.

    The mother of all pit areas. Thanks Cannondale!

    I had one of my best ever runs to the bike. I was 2nd to my bike behind Ross.

    I have had better moments.