• Planning ahead.

    It's time to start palnning out the rest of the season. There are a bunch of good events with in 2-5 hours drive. Thing is, they are so close together...and recovery becomes an issue. The next race that I have registered for is 24 Hours of Afton in which I hope to help "Save the tWhales." After that, I could do the Iowa 24 or the Granny Gear event at Landahl. Maybe even do the Iowa 24 as a team? Any takers?

    Not only do I have 24 to choose from, but there are a bunch of 12's with in a short drive. You have the WEMseries rock'n 3 races in the next 30 days. Plus, there is a 6/12 down at Landahl in 17 days. Looks like the Midwest is the enduro racing hotbed of the USA at the moment.

    So many races...so little time and $$$$$.

    What does everyone else have planned?

    Last thing....
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