• Newness.

    Bunch of new stuff for you on this awesome Tuesday. Today is my day off from work, so I was able to tiddy up some loose ends and work on some design projects. I needed to swing by the shop today, so I headed in around noon'ish. Sitting on my bench via the USPS man was a box of Team Issue Ergons.

    Also took the time to equipe the Six13 with some new rubber. Threw on some Maxxis Refuse. A very inexpensive tire that allows huge miles to be logged. I can get a hair over 2000 miles per pair.

    Also got a few blogs designed. One is for DQ down in Dead Moines, and the other is a fresher more current feel to Guitar Ted's site. Click on each picture to go to the respective sites...

    Group ride this evening. Write up to come later in the PM.