• My day was more exciting than yours.

    First, I'll start with the boring stuff. Buchanandale and myself headed out for about 3 hours of gravel. Nothing to tough, just worked on leg speed and enjoying the passing scenery. Below are some pics and a short video clip from the ride.

    Then, on the way back through town I was stung on the upper lip by a bee. Not really a huge deal I thought. Just a bit of swelling...and some heckling at work. I was wrong! Upon walking in the house I started to itch....then have cold sweats...then trouble hearing....and then trouble with vision. I hopped in the shower quick and headed off to the Urgent Care. They moved me to front of the line, as i could not talk straight or fill out my paper work to see a doctor. It was getting worse and worse. The more I think about it the luckier I am to have had it happen where it did. Otherwise, I don't think I would have made it home.

    While at the doctor, I was sweating so hard that I looked like I got out of the shower. The doctors kept asking many questions about former bee stings, but if I remember right I ever had any. The doctors quickly figured out what to do and ended up giving my 3 shots. One in each ass cheek and one in the arm. With in 5 minutes I began to feel normal. With in 1 hour of sitting at the doctor i was on my way out. But not with out some medication.

    Here is the sting about 10 minutes after it happened. It would get about 10 times worse. Plus add in a crazy itchy rash that would cover my body.

    Here is my medicine cabinet now. Some pills to take for the next 5 days...and an EpiPen. The EpiPen is something I need to have around to inject if a bee sting happens again and the reaction is as severe. It's pretty simple...just remove cap and stab into leg. Sweet.

    I am not supposed to work today, because of the medicine I am on. But I feel pretty good right now, and will try to get in a bit later.

    So, anything exciting happen in your life today?