• How we roll in Iowa

    Cruise'n a bit of gravel north of Waterloo to Camp Ingawanis to partake in some
    sch-weet singletrack action. It'a rule in Iowa that in order to ride singletrack you must first ride atleast 8 miles of gravel to get there.

    In Iowa we are not known as a "peleton", but rather a herd...moo.

    You never know what you'll run across out in the woods. Whatever you do, don't piss it off!

    Rob, rock'n the 29er....and the Durango Wheel Club jersey.
    Did you know that Rob can talk to the creatures of the forest.

    Buchanandale say...."I am not Feel'n It today."

    The Rob Hurt Train.

    Choo. Choo.

    Unleash the hounds!

    The ride home turned into a piss'n match!