• Group Ride Sufferage.

    After a 2 week taper for 24 Hour Nationals, I finally made it back to the Tuesday night group ride. Pace was high at times and so was the pain. It's been awhile since I have pegged it hard and my legs were screaming at me. The group was rather small which consisted of the following: Kisch, Doug, Engstrom, Kevin, and myself.

    The ride started as a group tempo'ing down the road at 22-25 mph. This was fine by me and I had that "ride all day" feeling in my legs. While coming into the "T" intersection I was pulling the group along at about 25 mph when Kisch attaked the small roller and went for the Stop Ahead Sign. That did me in. My legs were not going to go any faster. Needless to say the group got to the sprint before I did.

    The group waited up for me and we then continued south to Dike. Kisch was leading us, and I had a plan to attack for the town line. We came to a gentle rise in the road were I acted as if I was loosing ground to the lead rider. I slowly started to fall to the back of the group. Once to the back, I launched an attack around the group at 35 mph and got away. After a few rollers on my own I was going into the home stretch for the sprint win. With about 200 yards left, Doug and Kevin got on my wheel. All three of us sat up. We looked around. Then I attacked again. I made it to the sprint first...but with Doug in tow.

    The rest of the ride was south out of Dike and into Hudson. There were a few more attacks from Kisch and a few more times off the back for me. I would manage to get back on...then try to attack. I look at it now, and my group ride was nothing but an interval session. Good times.

    Time to rest up. Tuesday nights 60 miles was good on the legs. I feel like I blew out some carbon.

    If like some good 'ole fashion mtbing the way it should be I highly suggest checking out the clips posted from the Wilderness 101 race. Kind of reminds me of the top of Blow Out Mnt down in Arkansas at the Oauchita Challenge.